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CONNECTED Response .  Drive More Sales Through Integrated Media.

We are a data-driven, connected response agency that is designed to ensure that your offline and online marketing efforts work in a synchronous fashion and deliver the best ROI. Nielsen statistics show that 9 out of 10 people watching television have a device in their hand. Given that, our aim is to make sure that our clients are able to successfully meet prospects at a time and place of the customer’s choosing, so that they can be pushed further down the sales funnel and converted into paying customers, regardless of which screen there are watching.

The advantage of having this effort managed under one roof is that we can optimize both broadcast and online efforts in a media agnostic fashion, without any conflicts of interest. The alternative is to have multiple agencies where the proverbial “left hand doesn’t know what the right one is doing” which is often counterproductive and not in alignment with your campaign goals. Furthermore, DRM uses multi attribution data drive technology to correctly attribute each sale, to better measure media efficiency and ROAS.

A Holistic Digital Solution Built for Direct Marketers:

While connected consumers now have the power of search and social media to aid them in the purchase process, our holistic Connected Response platform provides marketers with numerous opportunities to engage consumers across multiple media channels, including:

  • Paid Search Advertising allows marketers to provide additional information about product features and benefits or capture the interest of consumers searching for competitive brands.
  • Well-timed ads on Comparison Shopping Engines like Google and Amazon that provide opportunities to get their products in front of consumers who are searching for similar products.
  • Digital Retargeting capabilities that allow marketers to re-engage or upsell consumers who visited their website. 96% of people leave a website without converting. Remarketing gives advertisers a second chance to convert past visitors into sales.
  • Paid social Advertising leverages customer data to create targeted lookalike buying audiences. With over 2 billion users, paid social can generate sales for your product or service – Fast!.
  • Video ads with YouTube TrueView for Action allows advertisers to capitalize on the millions of potential customers watching YouTube every day. 40% of video viewers visit a website as a result of seeing a brand’s video.

media buyingTV Media Buying:

Our direct response agency will review the current marketplace for what your competitors and complimentary products are doing. We take a look at your product and review it against a proprietary screening process we have developed to gauge the best media to utilize.

We will look at demographics and our extensive media buying history to look for marketing niches we think you can exploit. We look at various media rates and options and begin to formulate a plan that we think will best achieve your goals.

Let our team of experienced media buyers plan your next campaign. We will maximize the results for your offer because it will reach the right demographic at the right time in the right way.


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